John Kerry – affair, infidelity and the US press

I’ve been following the story that accuses John Kerry of having an affair. This is about politics so I feel I have to explain why I’m interested in this rumor. I enjoy following politics and I’ve been hoping for a brokered convention in Boston, and maybe even a Hillary Rodham Clinton nomination. True or false I hope this rumor sticks to John Kerry.

I came across this story on the Drudge Report on 02/12/2004.

I went home that night expecting to see something on the national news about the rumor. Not a thing mentioned on any of the major TV news sources. They were talking about it on the local radio station on the drive home, but CNN ABC CBS FOX MSNBC no mention, only stories about President Bush going AWOL.

This left me in the uncomfortable position of considering Rush Limbaugh might actually have some reason for claiming there is a bias in the main stream media. As much as it hurts here is Rush Limbaugh’s take on the Kerry affair news coverage.

Some of the overseas papers covering the story

Today Singapore

The Australian

News Telegraph UK

IOL South Africa

The Sun UK

Even if the story turns out to be BS the US media should be reporting on the facts. There are several unasked/unanswered questions.

In the original article at Drudge it said that Al Gore had considered Kerry as a running mate in 2000 but decided against Kerry because of the rumors of an affair. So has anybody asked Gore for his response?

The woman in question Alexandra Polier works for the Associated Press. I think the Associated Press could call a reporter on their payroll and ask to confirm or deny the story. No instead we have the father of the reporter calling Kerry a “sleazeball” without explanation. (From Pakistan)

General Clark was mentioned on Drudge leaking the story to the press off the record. Why not just ask the guy directly if he made the comment?

The Republicans have been taking the blame for this rumor spreading around the internet, but I don’t believe it was the Republicans. I think they would have the foresight to wait until after Kerry won the nomination before leaking this to the press. The rumor was on WatchBlog a week before showing up on the DrugeReport.

Mother Firefighter Pornstar Secret-Agent

I’ve been following a bizarre story of a small town (Keyes CA, Population 4500) fire department scandal. It starts with a firefighter being fired for canceling a check. The check was written for access to a porn site. The porn site is run by the Assistant Fire Chief and his wife. Six firefighters and 11 cadets who walked off the job in protest the firing. The board of the Keyes Fire Protection District voted unanimously to suspend its chief and assistant chief pending an investigation. Firefighter gets his job back because the assistant fire chief doesn’t have authority to fire anyone.

This story is great, a small town scandal that has gotten world wide attention. It reminds me of the Texas Cheerleader murder plot. I’m sure we’ll see a movie about the whole affair before too long.

The players
Alexas Jones – Mother of three daughters, volunteer firefighter, onetime stripper, mysterious federal job, willing porn actress Chantel Lace
Roger Jones – Assistant Fire Chief, husband of Alexas Jones
Eddie Jones – Fire Chief, father of Roger Jones – the infamous website

Alexas Jones wants to retrieve all those images floating around the internet. To raise money to buy back the rights she started her own web site.

Some of the movies

Debbie Does S&M
Eat At The Pussy Cafe 4
Handjobs 5
Pain 6
Pigtails 2 (photos with Alexas and Ron Jeremy)
Pussy Fingers 22
Raw And Real S&M 6
Rock Steady
Smooth Operator
World’s Luckiest Jock

Quotes – Alexas Jones

“I’ve been having all of these problems trying to go straight per se; it’s been just one problem after the next. So I said, ‘You know what, forget it. I’m just going to go back.’ I need to make a living somehow – and I actually enjoy it.”

“I help protect military installations from terrorists”

The real X-Men

This article is about a 16 year old girl Natalya Demkina who can see inside human bodies and spot injuries.

I want my own special power too…doesn’t have to be anything very powerful. Just any of the following

1. Lay hand on car/pc/appliance and see what is wrong with it.
2. Partially telepathic – can hear peoples sexual fantasies.
3. Power to alter music. So if I hear a crappy song, I can will it to a good song.
4. My shit would not stink or I’d shit ice-cream!
5. Always win at solitaire.
6. Walk on water.
7. Make food taste like whatever I wanted.
8. Know what 2 of the lottery numbers where going to be drawn. I’d at least break even that way.
9. Make flat soda bubbly again.
10. Make people wait for an answer before they ask another question.
11. Never get wet when its raining.
12. Swiss army fingers, one finger has a knife, another is a bottle opener, screwdrivers and so on.
13. Shoot ray of silence from my eyes, for when somebody just won’t shut up.
14. Call the rocks, like Ludo in Labyrinth.

Too powerful for the list

Ability to fix stupid

the surreal life

Tammy Faye Messner, Erik Estrada, Ron Jeremy, Rob Van Winkle a.k.a. “Vanilla Ice”, Traci Bingham, and Trishelle

Its these people living together, with no apparent goal, just to observe how they interact. Its like “The Sims” but with celebrities.

It has its humorous moments, a lot of dick jokes, but mostly its just mental chewing gum.

Gary Coleman…was there but quit after Vanilla Ice wouldn’t quit asking him to say “What you talkin ’bout Willis?”

Coleman said he would lose all his credibility if he repeated the famous line, but Vanilla Ice wouldn’t let up. Coleman walked out and asked for a cab. Then in one of the next scenes we have Vanilla Ice angrily droning about how he isn’t Vanilla Ice any more and doesn’t want people to see him that way. The other celebrities actually seemed to feel sorry for this self-centered jerk even though he had previously humiliated Coleman over the very same issue.

Anyway he is no longer “Vanilla Ice” he has matured into “Vanilla Whiny Ice”

The super bowl of politics

The best political show in the world started yesterday…

I’m hoping for a 5 person race on the democratic side

Wesley Clark
Howard Dean
John Kerry
Joseph Lieberman
John Edwards

It’s the only way this years race will be interesting. I’m hoping it’ll be a fight on the convention floor in Boston. If were lucky they won’t be able to agree on a candidate and Hillary Clinton will be nominated.

It’s like having a choice between 5 different kinds of ice cream and they are all vanilla.

If it’s not a close race…well there won’t really be any reason to tune in. These guys are so boring, how boring are they you ask?

Worshiped as saints by CPA’s worldwide
If the five of them were brothers each one would be an only child
Medusa would fall asleep before turning any of them to stone
All 5 were offered parts in “The Core” (boring to the center of the earth)
The Queer eye for the straight guy crew would end up wearing business suits.

More best of Spam

Email headers that caught my attention

It’s a cum fiesta! ( thanks to Shannon for forwarding this to me )
Fist a friend!
Sucking to survive!!
My anus is really sore
They’ll hunt you down to suck you off!
She’s a pee fanatic!
Miss fist-a-lot!

The most original of the bunch is “My anus is really sore” because they didn’t use an exclamation at the end!!!

Splintering thoughts

I’m starting to think that too much surfing the internet can cause ADD. I’ve noticed my thoughts tend to take a lot more paths than they did just a few years ago. When I’m searching for something on the internet I’ll find something else along the way I want to research as well. Ok…so I open a new window so I can go back to the new thing I curious about. If I don’t have time to get back to the new thing to research I’ll book mark it and come back to it later.
But most of the time the way it really works is the new things are more interesting than the original thing I was searching for. And it can continue to grow from there…ok now I’m looking for the new thing and something else looks even better to research. I’ll get so far into it that I’ll forget what I was originally hunting for in the first place. I think the pattern looks something like this…

I’ve noticed my brain repeating this pattern of behavior. I’ve got lots of little bookmarks floating around in my head, things I want to learn more about, things to do, hobbies to pursue.

I’d like to think it will cause an evolutionary change in humans, that someday our brains will have independent parts for processing the multiple trees of thought at the same time.