The real X-Men

This article is about a 16 year old girl Natalya Demkina who can see inside human bodies and spot injuries.

I want my own special power too…doesn’t have to be anything very powerful. Just any of the following

1. Lay hand on car/pc/appliance and see what is wrong with it.
2. Partially telepathic – can hear peoples sexual fantasies.
3. Power to alter music. So if I hear a crappy song, I can will it to a good song.
4. My shit would not stink or I’d shit ice-cream!
5. Always win at solitaire.
6. Walk on water.
7. Make food taste like whatever I wanted.
8. Know what 2 of the lottery numbers where going to be drawn. I’d at least break even that way.
9. Make flat soda bubbly again.
10. Make people wait for an answer before they ask another question.
11. Never get wet when its raining.
12. Swiss army fingers, one finger has a knife, another is a bottle opener, screwdrivers and so on.
13. Shoot ray of silence from my eyes, for when somebody just won’t shut up.
14. Call the rocks, like Ludo in Labyrinth.

Too powerful for the list

Ability to fix stupid

2 thoughts on “The real X-Men”

  1. I had trouble loading the real x-men article. I just wanted you to know I am a real x-man as well. I have a unique gift of telepathy, I’m not talking a mild form. I can prove my case in a court of law. I currently don’t have any means of getting the ball rolling. Could you help? I would be in your debt forever if so. Just to let you know I have tried to get this info. to the public but have not received any credit yet. If I would I could spread the positive vibe on a larger scale… This is not a joke I am an ex-cadet (N.M.M.I.) and heavy skeptic. I can’t let it go cause its as real as the fact that you dream when you sleep and are awake when not asleep… I’m just saying TRUST. W/B please.

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