Mother Firefighter Pornstar Secret-Agent

I’ve been following a bizarre story of a small town (Keyes CA, Population 4500) fire department scandal. It starts with a firefighter being fired for canceling a check. The check was written for access to a porn site. The porn site is run by the Assistant Fire Chief and his wife. Six firefighters and 11 cadets who walked off the job in protest the firing. The board of the Keyes Fire Protection District voted unanimously to suspend its chief and assistant chief pending an investigation. Firefighter gets his job back because the assistant fire chief doesn’t have authority to fire anyone.

This story is great, a small town scandal that has gotten world wide attention. It reminds me of the Texas Cheerleader murder plot. I’m sure we’ll see a movie about the whole affair before too long.

The players
Alexas Jones – Mother of three daughters, volunteer firefighter, onetime stripper, mysterious federal job, willing porn actress Chantel Lace
Roger Jones – Assistant Fire Chief, husband of Alexas Jones
Eddie Jones – Fire Chief, father of Roger Jones – the infamous website

Alexas Jones wants to retrieve all those images floating around the internet. To raise money to buy back the rights she started her own web site.

Some of the movies

Debbie Does S&M
Eat At The Pussy Cafe 4
Handjobs 5
Pain 6
Pigtails 2 (photos with Alexas and Ron Jeremy)
Pussy Fingers 22
Raw And Real S&M 6
Rock Steady
Smooth Operator
World’s Luckiest Jock

Quotes – Alexas Jones

“I’ve been having all of these problems trying to go straight per se; it’s been just one problem after the next. So I said, ‘You know what, forget it. I’m just going to go back.’ I need to make a living somehow – and I actually enjoy it.”

“I help protect military installations from terrorists”

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  2. She’s my new sister-in-law and she’s recently started up a new website with naked gardening at her home where here now two daughters live AND her grandson, using money from our LLC account for our rental properties. Phoenix industries, I believe the name may have been of the company? She lives in West Sacramento in my dead parents’ home where her and my very own brother kicked me out, without any prior notice, like we don’t do with our very own tenants. She signed her daughter up for topless wrestling in order to bring in an income for the baby (her grandson).

  3. I worked with her for years, in two different establishments where I worked security! And I know her as a complete Bad Ass! As club security! I watched her choke a guy out! She’s also one of my favorite people! Anyone ever has a problem with her they have a problem with me!

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