The super bowl of politics

The best political show in the world started yesterday…

I’m hoping for a 5 person race on the democratic side

Wesley Clark
Howard Dean
John Kerry
Joseph Lieberman
John Edwards

It’s the only way this years race will be interesting. I’m hoping it’ll be a fight on the convention floor in Boston. If were lucky they won’t be able to agree on a candidate and Hillary Clinton will be nominated.

It’s like having a choice between 5 different kinds of ice cream and they are all vanilla.

If it’s not a close race…well there won’t really be any reason to tune in. These guys are so boring, how boring are they you ask?

Worshiped as saints by CPA’s worldwide
If the five of them were brothers each one would be an only child
Medusa would fall asleep before turning any of them to stone
All 5 were offered parts in “The Core” (boring to the center of the earth)
The Queer eye for the straight guy crew would end up wearing business suits.

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