Splintering thoughts

I’m starting to think that too much surfing the internet can cause ADD. I’ve noticed my thoughts tend to take a lot more paths than they did just a few years ago. When I’m searching for something on the internet I’ll find something else along the way I want to research as well. Ok…so I open a new window so I can go back to the new thing I curious about. If I don’t have time to get back to the new thing to research I’ll book mark it and come back to it later.
But most of the time the way it really works is the new things are more interesting than the original thing I was searching for. And it can continue to grow from there…ok now I’m looking for the new thing and something else looks even better to research. I’ll get so far into it that I’ll forget what I was originally hunting for in the first place. I think the pattern looks something like this…

I’ve noticed my brain repeating this pattern of behavior. I’ve got lots of little bookmarks floating around in my head, things I want to learn more about, things to do, hobbies to pursue.

I’d like to think it will cause an evolutionary change in humans, that someday our brains will have independent parts for processing the multiple trees of thought at the same time.

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