The religion of bitching

I was raised in the religion of Christian Science. Now a Christian Scientist doesn’t exactly believe in faith healing…but they really do. Basically if you “know the truth” you’ll have a healing. And by “know the truth” I mean you see that God made everything good; so you really can’t be ill.

Now to a Christian Scientist surrounded by other Christian Scientist this all makes sense. You pray “know the truth” and you get better or your situation gets better. This is proof that the prayer worked. You never stop to question this evidence, you pray and you get better. If you don’t get better then you don’t see things clearly enough, you don’t know the truth yet.

This all seems very silly to anyone outside the religion. Just because you pray doesn’t mean you get better. If you do get better it doesn’t mean God had anything to do with it; because sometimes people get better without prayer or doctors. But as a Christian Scientist you’d never see it as a spurious correlation.

People at work have been bitching at me for being too nice when I’m working on resolving a problem. It’s the “squeaky wheel” religion. That’s how I see it now. If you bitch enough about a problem other people will take notice and fix it for you. But just as the Christian Scientist never stops to consider that people heal without any prayer the SW people would never consider for a second that problems get solved every day without their bitching.

The “squeaky wheel” people bitch and the problem is solved, that’s all the proof they need. You’d have just as much success in getting a CS to go to a doctor as you would to convince a SW not to bitch. The CS and SW alike “know” and pity you for not having the understanding/superior knowledge they have.

Neither would ever consider that their actions (or lack of action in reality) only makes the problem at hand worse. That bitching or prayer is really avoiding dealing with the problem directly.

If you are chewing someone out about an issue its probably going to take even longer to resolve than if you’d just asked for an update. The person you just bitched out will need to take a break to get the SW religion out of their head. You’ll succeed in getting their focus off the issue and onto what an idiot/asshole/dumb-ass, which you are.

In conclusion – address the issue at hand with a logical approach. If you are frustrated, express the frustration…but don’t equate the expression as a step in resolving the problem.

Michael Jackson jokes

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Little Boy Blue.
Little Boy Blue who?
Michael Jackson.

Q: How do we know Michael is guilty?
A: Several children have fingered him

Q: What has 18 balls and 3 pubic hairs?
A: A Michael Jackson slumber party.

Q: What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and acne?
A: Acne doesn’t come on your face until you’re about fifteen.

Q: Have you heard about Michael Jackson’s New Book?
A: It’s called “The In’s and Out’s of Child Rearing”.

Q: What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and Neil Armstrong?
A: One was the first man to walk on the moon, and the other fucks little boys

Q: What did Michael Jackson say to the priest at his confessional?
A: I saw him first!

Q: What’s black and comes in a little white can?
A: Michael Jackson

Controversy – is Spongebob Squarepants gay?

I started hunting around for evidence of whether Spongbob is gay or promoting the homosexual agenda and learned a few things in the process.

First off yes Spongebob is gay – Spongebob seems to be unaware of the male rules of existence.

Spongebob isn’t a homosexual because gay doesn’t equal homosexual any longer. Gay means non-masculine and Spongebob is the antithesis of manly qualities.

1. hugs his male friends
2. tells neighbors “I love you”
3. sounds and acts like Paul Lynde
4. SpongeBob and Patrick hold hands
And on and on

I could not find anything pointing to Spongebob promoting the homosexual agenda. Spongebob is part of a video promoting tolerance – but there was nothing in the video promoting homosexuality. My guess is the reasoning by the American Family Association is that unless you are against homosexuality you are promoting it. So basically unless you believe that all homosexuals are going to hell you are promoting the agenda.

I wish this crap would just go away…there was the same thing said about the teletubies and Barney and Bert and Ernie promoting a homosexual agenda. In my opinion almost all the programming for small children is gay, in fact its very gay, but it doesn’t have anything to do with sexuality.

the meaning of life

From a purely scientific view life has a purpose if not a meaning. The purpose of life is to survive. Every living organism is striving to survive. Now this is fine for non-sentient life forms because they aren’t aware that survival in the long run is impossible. But I know I won’t last forever and I’m pissed about it. Sure I can reproduce, but that doesn’t mean I go on surviving. So the purpose of life is a goal which can’t be obtained.

This reminded me of a Star Trek quote.

Madness has no purpose or reason but it may have a goal. – Spock

So I’ve come to the conclusion that hoping or looking for a purpose in my life would only prove I’m insane.

A perfect Chip

Plato – a perfect circle doesn’t exist anywhere on earth. A perfect circle would have every point exactly the same distance from the center. It is possible to perceive the perfect circle, but you can only attempt to make a perfect circle. The circles we make are a flawed reproduction of the original perfect concept.

I’ve heard this put other ways before…like we may only exist is someones dream. Maybe I’m just the flawed reproduction of the original perfect Chip. Yes the perfect Chip is motivated, never ages, never gets upset or depressed about anything and shits ice-cream (vanilla).