Controversy – is Spongebob Squarepants gay?

I started hunting around for evidence of whether Spongbob is gay or promoting the homosexual agenda and learned a few things in the process.

First off yes Spongebob is gay – Spongebob seems to be unaware of the male rules of existence.

Spongebob isn’t a homosexual because gay doesn’t equal homosexual any longer. Gay means non-masculine and Spongebob is the antithesis of manly qualities.

1. hugs his male friends
2. tells neighbors “I love you”
3. sounds and acts like Paul Lynde
4. SpongeBob and Patrick hold hands
And on and on

I could not find anything pointing to Spongebob promoting the homosexual agenda. Spongebob is part of a video promoting tolerance – but there was nothing in the video promoting homosexuality. My guess is the reasoning by the American Family Association is that unless you are against homosexuality you are promoting it. So basically unless you believe that all homosexuals are going to hell you are promoting the agenda.

I wish this crap would just go away…there was the same thing said about the teletubies and Barney and Bert and Ernie promoting a homosexual agenda. In my opinion almost all the programming for small children is gay, in fact its very gay, but it doesn’t have anything to do with sexuality.

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