Diagram of existence

I see it as 3 separate distinct realities – Physical, Conscious, and Concept

I’ve tried to find a way to graphically represent how I see my existence…not getting very far. At first I thought I could represent existence with a Venn diagram, but I’m not sure any of these really overlap.

Physical – everything I can touch of see

Conscious – Me – this is where I’m at…I see into the Physical and Concept, but I don’t exist in either universe. I can see into the other universes and describe what I see, but I can’t enter into either of them

Concept – the universe of ideas, axioms, and invention – mathematics exist here and has always existed here and will exist forever. The way I see it is where could the rules of mathematics exist in the physical world? Its not in the math books, I could destroy a math book and it wouldn’t have any effect on 1+1=2. The whole world could be destroyed and the principles of mathematics would continue.

Every invention that exists or will ever exist is here. They could have built super computers back in Caesar’s time…the concept existed but they couldn’t focus in on the idea.

Focusing in on a concept – There is no such thing as an original idea, because all ideas are based on other ideas combinations of ideas. If it were possible to have a completely original idea, you wouldn’t be able to understand the idea because you would have nothing to compare it to, its like this or that, its made up of these parts.

Example – Desk – a combination of a chair and a table, if you didn’t know what a chair was or a table you wouldn’t understand the concept of a desk.

This universe has no space no time, its everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

….just some stuff I’ve been thinking about lately

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