RxDepot shutdown

The Food and Drug Administration is protecting us from unsafe drugs from Canada. It’s a shame the Canadian government doesn’t care as much about its citizens and the FDA cares about Americans. We don’t have to worry about our senior citizens getting hooked on cheap prescription drugs because the FDA cares. Something we can all be proud of, the FDA. (this is sarcasm…in case you didn’t catch that)

I speculate as to where this will lead. A new war on drugs…prescription drugs, senior citizens filling up an already overcrowded prison system after getting busted smuggling Ticlid and Zocor into the US. No I don’t really think it’ll end up that way, the elderly are too powerful politically. Expect this to be a huge issue in the next Presidential/Congressional elections.

There is some similarity to this problem and file sharing on the internet. The genie is out of the bottle. These people will not go back to spending hundreds of dollars more a month for medicine. Huge industry faced with loosing their antitrust business model and there isn’t anything they can do that will stop it from happening.

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