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Monday ABC will air “Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci”. The show is about research showing Jesus had a wife. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this before. There are a lot of strong arguments to support the case that Jesus had a wife.

Here is what I’ve been able to gather so far…

1. No mention in the bible of married or single status, so why is it universally assumed never married?
2. If Jesus was a Rabbi, followers addressed him as Rabbi (he was allowed to read and interpret the scripture); a Rabbi had to have a wife?
3. Jewish law would have mandated that a man Jesus’ age would have to be married.

Anyway….I’m sure just posing the question will get a bunch of bible thumpers up in arms. I just love the controversy ideas like these cause.

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  1. I am a strong christian and also believe that Jesus was a married man and most likely had children. The fact is that according to Jewish culture Jesus would have been required to be married. Also, as is posted above, the religios title “Rabbi” is only given to married men. If you weren’t married, nobody would calle you Rabbi, even in a non-serious way. Jewish culture at the time of Christ was probably the most strict culture to ever grace the planet. People of any title had to be called by that title and it could not be applied to anyone who did not rightfully carry that Title. Not following these social rules was a huge offense and was actually punishable by law. Therefore, if Jesus was called “Rabbi” which he was many, many times in the bible by many different people (in many cases it was just translated Teacher, or sometimes Master)he must have been married.
    It is also interesting to note how sacred marriage in general is to God. Throughout the entire Bible, Old and New Testament, we see the priority that God has placed on the relationship between a man and a woman. Try and think of a Prophet who wasn’t married. Can you? You would be pretty hard pressed to find one. Abraham, Noah, David, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Amos, Ezekiel, etc… from the old Testament were all married. Peter, James, and pretty much all the Twelve apostles were married men. Why didn’t God call unmarried men to serve him? Did he? Of course he did, but why was such a preference given to married men?
    The problem is the limited resources that contain information on Jesus Christ. Pretty much our only source is the Bible, and even then mostly just the New Testament. The problem is how we got the bible in the first place. Was their a Bible in the time of Christ? No. When was the New Testament compiled? 100 years after christ? No. 200 years after Christ? No. 300? No. The fact is the New Testament didn’t even exist until well over 300 years after the crucifixion of Christ. Who made the New Testament? Emperor Constatine of the Roman Empire. A man who murdered his entire family. Does that mean that the books in the New Testament are not true? Of course not. Each individual book in the New Testament was inspired, but why were those books chosen and not others. Did you know that the four gospels chosen were part of a group of eighty other gospels? Thats right. When Constantine and his couselors put the New Testament together they had hundreds of books to choose from including eighty (80)different gospels alone. What they did was go through each book, decide if it went along with what they wanted to believe, and then either included it in the New Testament which they put together, or burned it. Yup, every book that didn’t go along with their own personal view was burned and then forbidden to the public to read. The books that compose the New Testament were carefully selected by a comitee led by Constantine because they told the Gospel how Constantine like it, not because they gave an accurate depiction of the truth.
    The bottom line is, our information on the extroardinary life of Christ is limited, and has been contaminated by a man who just happens to be a murderer as well. He had killed his family and was in danger of losing the Roman throne, so he converted to Christianity, claimed he did it for God, and then began to pervert the truth. He soon claimed himself as the head of the church and modified the doctrine to what he wanted. As I said, all scripture that was contrary to his personal opinion was burned and outlawed and punishable by death. INteresting, huh?
    Who gave Constantine authority to burn ancient scripture that had existed for hundres of years before he was born? God? I don’t think so.
    Here is another example; IN the Bible thirty five books are mentioned, but those books are nowhere in the bible. Here are some examples of this phenomenon: the Book of the Wars of the Lord (Num 21: 14), the Book of Jasher (Josh 10:13 and 2 Sam 1:18), the Book of Samuel the Seer (1 Chron 29:29) the Book of Gad the seer (1 Cron 29:29) etc…. Now these books all come from the old testament. What about the New Testament? Here are some examples from that too: In 1st Corinthans chapter five verse nine it states plainly that Paul had written them previously. In other words, he wrote the corinthians before he wrote First Corinthans, making that at least the second time he had writen to them. The same with Ephesians (Eph 3:3). An epistle to the church at Laodicea (Col 4:6) the prophecies of Enoch that Jude talked about (Jude 1:4).
    Jesus was married. Just cause it is not written specifically doesn’t mean it isn’t true. There are countless things about Jesus and things he did that we do not know. I will close by quoting John 21:25. “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if htey should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.”

  2. I am a student studying at eton college in england, and i have been reading about jesus’s bloodline, the holy grail and its true meaning, along with da vinci and mary magdalane’s affect on this,and the priory of sion and the knights templar, and i love the idea of Jesus being a married man with children, it makes so much more sense this way, i also wanted to ask, is there any evidence that Christs bloodline may still run today?

  3. It has only been recently that the idea of Jesus being a man rather than a divinity has entered into my realm of thought. When i first heard of such a suggestion, my initial reaction was that the theory was absurd. my feelings didnt result from my faith, for i am not deeply religious in a conventional sense. rather, i was more concerned with the thought that if it WERE true, it would mean that millions upon millions of people had been misinformed about the truth behind their faith.
    it is in recent days that i have examined the theories of Jesus and his supposed marriage to Mary Magdalene, and the even more startling thought of a bloodline of Christ. these ideas, in themselves, are not very hard for me personally to hold on to, for i have never invested much of my trust into the church or its teachings, for i believe them to be jaded due to the fact that MAN is doing the preaching, rather than God.
    the real thing that threw me for a loop is the idea of Mary Magdalene and her relation to the illusive Holy Grail.
    i had always invisioned the Grail in a painfully literal sense: a cup. it never even crossed my mind that the Grail was anything more than a relic, sought after by many, but found by none. you can imagine my shock when i learned that the Grail was not only not a cup, but that it wasnt an object at all. it was a person, and a tramendously overlooked secret.
    i’ll save you the pain of reading any more of my ramblings, and get to the point: do you have any idea what i’m talking about when i mention the grail? i’m wanting to see if any others have heard of this amazingly obvious, yet totally overlooked idea. thank you.

  4. I’ve heard of the grail being documents and the body of Mary Magdalene. If you look on the net you’ll find it.

  5. The Holy Grail referred to above is the WOMB of Mary Magdalene. All this information can be found in a book called The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail. It also has a sequel called The Messianic Legacy, in which most of the claims concerning the Priory Of Sion are rebuked by the same authors. Anyone thinking along these lines should read both books. They are very interesting, to say the least.

  6. this news of a married Jesus and having children has started me on a quest for the truth. I’ve read about masons and the catholic church having ties to it and even if jesus was divine. I still beleive in Jesus, but if he was a man are we quilty of breaking the commandment of having no God before me. I need real answers.

  7. i find all of these comments interesting… and of course i have read the da vinci code… almost finished it though…

    i’m not a christian… my friedn is trying to convince me…

    however i think it will be clear the vatican will hear no nonsense of this sorts… what do you people think? a shift in religious faith?

    i hope it don’t accidentally justifies the existent of extreme religuous groups… which i prefer to call ‘cults’..

  8. I don’t believe in any religion so take my comments with a pinch of salt but the theory about mary magdalene seems quite believable. After all the catholic church dfoes have a history of hiding the truth.
    The da vinci code and Holy Blood, Holy Grail aren’t the only books written on the subject

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