Something scary for Halloween

From Haunted places in Kansas

Stull Cemetery – I found out there is a haunted cemetery not very far from where I live. “Gateway to hell” itself! Oh very scary!

Eudora – There is supposed to be a ghost of a woman who killed herself by jumping in front of a train. She did this because her boyfriend was killed in WW 2.

Lawrence – Eldridge Hotel – There is an original cornerstone that was used to rebuild the hotel after Quatril’s Raid burned it down. On the 5th level, room 506 contains a “portal spirit to the spirit world. There have been examples of flashing lights, breath marks on recently cleaned mirrors, and doors shutting on their own.

Lawrence – Haskell Indian school – Indian children crying and roaming about the campus looking for their parents.

Lawrence – The Lawrence Community Theatre – Originally a church, the Lawrence Community Theatre is home to a mysterious presence. Lights habitually malfunction, set pieces and props move seemingly on their own, and many report a feeling of being watched.

Lawrence – University of Kansas – Sigma Nu Fraternity – Apparently the ghost of the mistress of a former governor who lived there. She hung herself and is now sighted every once in a while. Some ghost hunters came to town and agreed that something was there. It was Ed Warren and his wife, Lorraine.

Olathe – New Century Air Center – This location is the former Olathe Naval Air Station, a combat pilot training center from WWII through the Vietnam era. The base was turned over to the local Johnson County Government in the Early 1970s and converted into a commercial airport, industrial complex and business center. Sometime in the late 1950s or early 1960s, A botched night landing in bad weather resulted in a pilot loosing his life when he missed the runway and ended up a ball of JP4 fire in the side of an aircraft hangar. This hangar complex on to which, the airport control tower is connected, is the current home to an Army Reserve Chinook helicopter unit. Paranormal events occur throughout the building. Security guards report voices, whistles, footsteps on the floor and on overhead catwalks. Locks refuse to stay locked and doors open and close without wind or human intervention. Even the occasional apparition makes an appearance. The New Century Air Center was featured last year on an A&E special, “Haunted America.”

Overland Park – It is said that a small boy was struck by a cement truck during the building of Sprint 9301. Elevators open and shut for no apparent reason, even when occupied. Motion detectors go off at night when no one is in the building. Trashcans dart in front of security officers, when there is no one around. Cold spots occur in the main lobby. Light switches are turned on and off by no apparent cause.

Overland Park – Stanley – Old Stanley Hotel – Old gentlemen that resided in the hotel who suffered from schizophrenia frequently saw a woman in a white dress floating over his armoire and when he would reach out to her she would disappear. Since years have passed several unexplained incidents have occurred i.e.; The 3rd floor of the old hotel caught fire on July 4th, 1983 and during the fire some say they saw the devil in the flames. Several occasions footsteps have been heard coming from the 3rd floor and one incident a person was seen on the 3rd floor, but no one was ever found. Window shades roll up and down by themselves. The original owner of the hotel was killed in front of the house, run over by a horse and buggy. His wife, Maude, never recovered and always felt George was still with her in the hotel. The hotel is now 126 years old and still today the unexplained still occurs.

Overland Park – Stonewall Inn – The pizza parlor in the old Stonewall Inn is accepted by most as no less then haunted. The manager has reported many spooky occurrences after closing time. Every night after closing time when the manager is the only one left he locks himself in. He then sets about pushing tables to the back and stacking chairs after which he retires to his office for a smoke. More times then would probably be desired he comes back to find the tables pushed back out and the chairs untracked. Both put back in their original positions by unseen hands.

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