Baldur’s Gate


Started playing Baldur’s Gate again…why again, well its been long enough I won’t remember the whole story. Somebody came up with a way to patch all the BG series into one huge game the Baldur’s Gate Trilogy.

The game includes –
Baldur’s GateTales of the Sword CoastBaldur’s Gate IIThrone of Bhaal
All thrown into one big adventure game. You can start as a level one character in Candlekeep and just keep going throughout the entire series. It uses the engine from BGII so you can use the character classes (sorcerer) that weren’t available in the original BG.

Ok so Dixie and Amber and I are playing the other night.

Dixie – Sorcerer
Me – Mulitclass Fighter Mage Thief
Amber – Mulitclass Fighter Mage Thief

Amber is at the shop buying and selling goodies.

Amber “Wow look how much this wand I found is worth!”
Me “How much is it worth?”
Amber “40k”
Me “What kind of wand is it?”
Amber “Wand of frost”
Me “Where did you find that?”
Amber “Dunno just something I picked up along the way.”
Dixie “That’s just like the wand I have. Wait a minute….where did mine go?”
Amber “Oh….I guess I got that when I was pick pocketing Dixie. Ah that’s where all these bullets in my inventory have been coming from”

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