25th Hour – movie review

Edward Norton plays a man on the last day of freedom before he begins serving a seven-year jail term. Sounds good…but so disappointing and over-rated. Spike Lee directed it and once again there are the ham fisted scenes about racism. The racist part seemed out of place with the plot and with the main character. Ed Norton has a Hispanic girlfriend and gets along well with and is well liked by Russians and Blacks and basically everybody in New York. But his character goes on a racist outburst trashing every ethnic group. No build up to this outburst and just as suddenly changes to the next scene having nothing to do with the outburst.

The ending sequence sucks so bad. You know its all bull shit, you know he’ll wind up at the jail. They tried to make it poetic and profound and came through as shallow and 1 dimensional. I found myself just waiting for the movie to end, I just wanted to get it over with.

but Ed Norton was good….as usual

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