31 thoughts on “McDonalds Monopoly”

  1. I already have my game board and plans for all of my Best Buy bucks from all those fries I will eat and don’t need! I plan to eat enough to get Finding Nemo free…but is it really free?

  2. RE : DANIEL SMITH POST !!!!!!!!
    i have the Park Place piece and would love to split the money 50-50….emial me ASAP “Newphillybear@aol.com”….this is no BS either ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks, Russ ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I also have Park Place, and would certainly be willing to split the money with you 25/75 . Of course you would get the 75% ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If youd like to talk about it, you can contact me at darksarcasm_@hotmail.com =)

    Good luck!

  4. Heeheee!;)

    I seriously doubt this guy even has the piece… But hell, Id take 1 percent and be just as happy as could be ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. Hello Daniel. If you seriously have the Boardwalk piece, I have the Park Place piece. All I ask of you (or anyone who has the Boardwalk piece) is $100,000 so that I can put a down payment on a house here in Long Island, NY. The rest is yours. No bullshit.

  6. I have the boardwalk piece and Park Place if any one wants to buy it for $100!(Seriously) I can’t claim the money because I’ve been to prison for raping 12 two-month old children. So any one just e-mail me to talk. I really need the money!!!

    Just for the record I stopped raping 2-month old babies and gone on to bigger and better things.(10 year old BOYS…) ๐Ÿ™‚

    (_l_)::::::D~ ~ ~ ~ <—Look at THAT…

  7. I’ve got Park Place. Contact me to split 50/50 or 30/70 even. I just need some quick cash. Mr. Belushi, I would be more than happy to pay you $100 just for stamp #1022.chantayak@yahoo.com

  8. that fool doesn’t have a boardwalk piece…he just proved there are saps that will bite on anything…everybody wants something for nothing these days…

    to those of you who seriously responded to “daniel smith”‘s offer of generosity, find a permanant marker and put a capital “L” on your forehead…LOSER!

    I don’t have shit you dumb penis heads!

  10. yea so, are you fucking stupid!!!! they only give out ONE boardwalk piece. If there is a person stupid enough to split the money 50/50 then he should die. Just spend $50 at McDonalds and you could easily find Park Place. Try doing that instead of losing $500,000 to some shmuck who posts on this no-name site. And for all you fuckheads who actually thought he had the piece, you are a bunch of greedy fags who would have taken advantage of a dumbass. In short: Everybody who posts here should die, except Jim Belushi, hes cool.

  11. oh yea, i forgot. Chantaya: you are the most gullible fuck on the face of the planet. If i were you, i would have shot myself in the face years ago. All you fags are obsessed with this game, NOBODY WILL GIVE YOU THE PIECE YOU NEED. I gaurentee everything is a scam, if you found one of the rare pieces why the FUCK would you sell it? exactly. Plus, somehow, on this site alone, two people have said they have boardwalk. thats funny cause they made only one. Not only that but there apparently is a THIRD boardwalk on eBay selling for $260,000. So who really has it? Nobody, you are all stupid fucktards who are hoping to get lucky and all you got was a poor circumcision. How does it feel? Having no balls and all. Once again, i hope you all die!

  12. Is there really just one boardwalk? My son in law has a boardwalk and parkplace. Do they have to be a certain number, or is there only one Boardwalk period. Please reply we really need the money, my husband was injured at work and work comp screwed us, he will never be able to work again and only recieves 35.40 per week.

  13. You turd, yes there is only one Boardwalk, and i seriously doubt you have it. and if you do, you should probably give it to me for safe keeping. Meanwhile, to all you shmucks looking for pieces, check this out:


    that is the best eBay auction i have EVER SEEN! haha…finally somebody isn’t blowing smoke up all the bidders asses. Mcdonalds Monopoly is a scam.

  14. HEY,
    Fake Name your pretty cool, you wouldn’t happen to be a 10 year old would you. Just kiddin, anyways how do you know about that there is only one boardwalk piece or whatever.

    Your pretty fuckin funny too. HAHAHAHAHA…..

  15. I’m a fucking dike ass fag ass child molestoring bastard thats dumb as hell and I want someone to stick a DICK UP MY ASS because I am such a fucking FAGGOT. Agian I am at (325)-370-2655, Call me (REALLY) YOU HOMOSEXUALS OUT THERE I LOVE THE COCK!!!!

  16. hey John, actually i might not happen to be 10 years old…..might you happen to be a 36 year old FAGGOT living in his parents basement, carpet salesman by day, raging homosexual by night? who is everybody here so fucking stupid?

  17. No im not even close to 36 you fuck face im 16 and it was all just a joke because I was so suprised that all you old fucks would get all horny and excited over a stupid game at McDonalds…So there you have it!

  18. No im not even close to 36 you fuck face im 16 and it was all just a joke because I was so suprised that all you old fucks would get all horny and excited over a stupid game at McDonalds…So there you have it!

  19. Wow, I heard you the first time. And who are you calling old and horny? I am also 16, so I am not old, just horny, and not horny because of this gay game, horny because I am a male adolecent. You, on the other hand, seem to have this obcession with 10 year old boys or much older, horny, excited men. If you know Jim, stay far away. He is a perv who enjoys fondelling young boys or sucking on old wrinkly manflesh. So unless you like a tongue up your ass stay away from Jim!

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