Living below the average

I found a site with some interesting demographics about Eudora, KS

• Median household value below state average.
• Black race population percentage significantly below state average. ( it is so white here )
• Hispanic race population percentage below state average.
• Median age below state average.
• Foreign-born population percentage significantly below state average.
• Length of stay since moving in below state average.
• House age below state average.
• Percentage of population with a bachelor’s degree or higher below state average. ( no surprise here )

other stats missing

It’s probably below the state average in number of convince stores ( 2 )
And significantly below the state average of number of liquor stores ( because there isn’t one )
They should have checked the number of churches per capita ( 9 churches )…I’m sure its way above the state average

4 thoughts on “Living below the average”

  1. Wow. Do you live here? If so, you should probably shoot yourself in the face! It is funny that how the average house cost is $97,000. It is funny cause the average house value in Palm Beach is $1,000,001. That is over 10 times higher than little ‘ol Eudora. Once again, kill yourself.

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