I want to be a robot

I’ve been thinking about sensation lately; I’m just amazed I can feel things sometimes. This is difficult to explain, I think of myself as a consciousness that has sensors monitoring the world outside. The 5 senses are my sensors and I just don’t understand how the information gets relayed to me. I touch something; my fingertips react by sending a signal to my brain. How the hell does that signal come in? How is it possible that I can get raw data when my existence is a consciousness that perceives through reasoning?

There are many different sensations, pleasant and unpleasant; somehow my brain decides something tastes good. This is not logical, there is no reason behind it; it’s all biologically derived through evolution. Doing something that is good for my body (eating food) will release chemicals to make me feel good. What the fuck is up with that? Why doesn’t the conscious part have control over that instead of leaving it up to a part of the body that doesn’t even think? I think I’m a decent judge of when I need to be rewarded with some endorphins.

It just pisses me off that I can’t decide just to feel good. If I’m having a bad day I just want to be able to say screw it and start feeling good without any external stimulus. A lot of people eat when they are having a bad day because it cheers them up. But it’s not like the food is being converted into the chemical your brain needs to feel good, your body is just rewarding you for keeping it running. I don’t think I should have to rely on chemicals in my brain to have a good day. It should be my decision of how I choose to perceive things.

If I was a robot then I’d get information from my sensors and be able to decide for myself if they were good sensations or bad sensations. I’d be able to just shut off sensation at will, no pain, gd that’d be cool. All my actions would be based out of reason and logic and not in search of things to keep the robot body happy.

So in conclusion…calling someone a robot means they have no free will and everything they do is preprogrammed. The truth is a robot programmed with free will would be freer than any human.

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  1. i don’t think so. personally, i like the unpredictability. it gives life more fire, more spark, more excitement. i mean sure, i don’t like to feel bad, but i don’t like to know everything that’s gonna happen, either.

    and it also seems that, at least for me, the pain and tough stuff ended up being the most important stuff i’ve done so far. i wouldn’t have voluntarily chosen to go through it, but i ended up being a better person because i did.

    that’s my perspective…

  2. I know that painful memories have have made me a more humble person. Its still hard to enjoy the good with the bad.

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