Cleaning things up

Been getting rid of a lot of old things around the house lately and now thoughts are turning to organizing and setting things up the way we want them around the house. I started picturing different rooms in the house and how I’d like to arrange them. I started thinking about how cool it would be if I could do that in my brain. Go through old thoughts and memories and decide which ones to keep and which to throw away.

I started visualizing going through the memories and thoughts

Where did this one come from?
What the hell is this one still doing in here?
Do I really still need the 8080 assembly programming? (It’s just taking up valuable space that could be used by more up to date information)
I really should have done this along time ago, look at all the cobwebs.
Danny Ellifritz – I don’t really need to remember his name. The only reason I do is because I dressed as a girl for Halloween one year. I wore sandals and painted my toenails. I forgot about painting my toenails until I was coming back from the shower in gym class and Danny pointed the toenails out to everyone. (to the dumpster with that puppy)

After I’m done cleaning out all the junk I don’t use…hmmm how to go about organizing it?

For the memories….I picture myself in a pleasant setting by a lake on a beautiful day and everywhere I turn I see the pleasant memories of my life. Yea…I like that.

I think I’ll keep the thoughts simple, in just 2 categories
Logic/reasoning thoughts in this row and feelings in that row
The rows will be stacked parallel to one another
Close to touching but not quite touching (they should have easy access to each other but never any confusion about which row they belong in)
Now I just need to figure out what order to put them in.

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