BPD patrol

With all the recent activity at dixiblog and poopismyfriend I thought it would be a good time to review BPD.

Borderline Personality Disorder IMHO is the technical definition of a bitch. We all know one, maybe a family member, coworker, or if you’re really a glutton for punishment you married one. Understanding what is going on in the mind of a BPD can give you a great deal of comfort and relief and confidence when dealing with these individuals. You ask yourself what could possibly cause a person to act the way a BPD does and in your wildest imagination you can’t fathom their behavior. Not understanding the BPD is a good thing, it means you aren’t the crazy one.

Things to help cope with a BPD
1. Avoid them whenever possible.
2. Don’t try to figure out what they are thinking. You really can’t because you aren’t nuts, and it’ll just hurt your brain if you try.
3. If you do have to interact with one keep all conversation to a minimum, as business like as possible. This keeps you from being a source of filling their numerous voids.
4. If the conversation with a BPD turns argumentative, end it. Don’t keep feeding the BPD. The BPD needs the excitement of the conflict. It’s not mean to do this; you’d hang up on obscene phone caller. This is the same thing; you are being used to fulfill their twisted needs.
5. Don’t try to reach or reason with them. A BPD doesn’t really hear anything you tell them. They will listen for information that will be useful for them (if you share personal info they’ll use later it as a weapon). Think of it as a sales call, the salesperson is really just waiting for you to shut up so they can say what they want to say.

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