the hulk

I have a recurring theme in my dreams, being able to tear up the ground. One time I cut into a hill and just started tearing it apart like you tear a bed sheet. Last night had another one of those, there was a crack in the ground and I just lifted up several layers of earth and crawled under the layers. I thought about staying underground for a while, but then I started worrying about people walking on top of me. I haven’t tried the dream interpretation book yet, because I don’t really think there will be anything about tearing the ground apart….any thoughts?

3 thoughts on “the hulk”

  1. ummm. getting to the root of the matter? getting under your skin? unearthing the truth? tearing through the bullshit? hiding out? hiding your feelings/self? being “buried” with something?

    or it could just mean you steal the covers. ha!

  2. I think it means you are searching for comfort and security and a place to hide, but afraid you will be forgotten. But I also agree with the whole blanket stealing idea. Probably that too.

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